Absinthe in Montmartre

See yourself in a cafe on a hill overlooking the Parisian night sky, twinkling

Absinthe and Aesthetes, Poems and Roses
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AN IDEA based on the community "the spirit lamp" which seems sadly to be defunct, this victorian-era/fin de siecle role playing game takes place in a Parisian hotel in Montmartre, in which lies a small cafe frequented by Montmartre's bohemians and seediest characters. In the hotel stay aristocrats and artist from all over the world with various personalities reflecting the chaos and beauty of the times.
How Will This Work?
1. Create your own character.
2. Write as your character/third person description of your character. Character journals are helpful but are not required.

As the moderator, I (and my character) may send out invitations for parties to which you are kindly requested to attend, or throw any sudden chance events into the air to spice things up, but primarily it will work as in real life: each person responsible for his or her own decisions.

I will also post a weekly "newspaper" of historical events of the week; should anybody wish to contribute to it, he would be more than welcome to do so. Simply post with the subject "NEWSPAPER HEADLINE"

One real-life week is one RPG month. That said, there may be some discrepancy, as due to varied time zones, "parties" may take longer than one-fourth of a real-life day. We'll figure it out as we go alone.

Please create one or two characters.
Should you wish to be a historical character, please be knowledgable about that character and please stick with that character and DO NOT make that character fall in TrOo WuB!11one with your original characters. Your characters should interact with the community, not just with your other characters.

This community is set in Paris. Should you wish your character to make a voyage over to England, please check out the lovely Abermarle Community. http://www.livejournal.com/community/thealbemarle/

Perhaps they would be interested in forging one big community....

This RPG will begin on LJ, a switch to MSN is possible but we'll see.

Please get your friends to join; the more people we have, the less likely it is that the community will lag and fall behind.

Remember, we need people from all walks of life, from bohemian Montmartre to the elegant Seventh Arrondissement to the impoverished Goutte D'Or.

1. Pictures behind an LJ cut
2. I'm not a total stickler for historical accuracy, but please, use some common sense when it comes to the attitudes and technologies of the time.
3. TyPe LyKe Dis N i WiLl bReAk Ur cOmPy kThnxsbye!111oneone

So, post your characters. Please include the following

Location (general):
Social Class: