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While out buying some Taittinger champagne for tonight I came across the ultimate find. Lucid Absinthe can finally be found near me. I plan on trying this out within the next few days. More to report once I imbibe.

I had originally read about the guy who finally made this product in Wired magazine a while back. He bought old bottles of original Absinthe and ran samples through a mass spectrometer. He then reverse engineered the original recipes and created Lucid.

La Belle Epoch returns!
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Anybody interested in restarting the Absinthe in Paris RPG, for real this time?

Say, 1899, Montmartre, historical RPG. It could be lovely.
Comment if yes. If we get more than three people other than myself, let's start!
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Hello. I am Anna, I love your community, romance, to write poems and french language. Please Read and comment my Journal. Thank you!:-)
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new &ready.

hello, my real name is amanda but i suppose i'll update from the eyes of my character. i'm sixteen and a sophomore in high school. this group attracted me because
1. i'm an aspiring writer and i'd like to have as much historical background as possible
2. i've done roleplays before, and i guess i was pretty good at it.
3. i love the idea of bohemians, revolution, paris, and the four ideals [freedom beauty truth &looooove]
so.. i'd also love some friends off this board. if you add me i'll add you! anyway, i'll make my character now.

Name: Iris Aiton
Age: Twenty
Appearance: Dark on white features. dark espresso hair, rather thick that falls to her shoulders. she usually clips several wisps from her sideburns back and lets her bangs fall just above her lashes and the rest of her hair falls a few inches below her shoulders. her eyes are light grey-blue. her usual wardrobe consists of lacy whites, dark crimsons, navy blues and silky purples. her skin is very fair. she's around 5'6
Location (general): A shady apartment in Montmartre, two floors above an Absinthe bar that turns into a cafe in the mornings.
Strengths: An avid reader, her vocabulary is well-built and she's very creative.
Weaknesses: Shyness, can be slightly vulnerable.
Social Class: Her family is "new money", so fairly high class. Reason as to why she was able to move out at just Twenty.
Iris Aiton was born to a well-off family in the fall 1881, when all the leaves were starting to change colors and paint the streets of Paris a lovely shade of orangey-red. She lived in an area within Paris called Champs Elysees. Her mother stayed at home to tend to Iris and her older sister Laura. Her father was a well-respected cashier at the local bookstore, and when the owner of the bookstore gave up his position to Iris' father he inherited not only the library but a large paycheck as well. Because of his position, Iris checked out books regularly and would bring them back in mint condition a week later. Laura moved out when she was nineteen and married a young banker, and Iris moved to Montmartre in 1899. She found an apartment seven blocks from the Moulin Rouge, which settled two floors above an Cafe/Absinthe Bar. She would walk down to breakfast everyday for a small croissant and coffee, and write.
While living in Montmartre she meets a string of individuals, including a waitress named Agathe of whom had been working in the cafe since she was twelve, a shady bohemian revolutionist named Claude, and her next door neighboor named Eloise who has a cat named Clementine who often sneaks through Iris' apartment window.
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New member and Character

Just wanted to setup a character that I've been rolling over and over in my mind. I've read this community before, and I would like to join. I have read the FAQ, so I know what is expected. I hope I am not intruding upon anything, I just wished to post my character so I could help in this lovely community. I am willing to play in any story, especially those which contain much history. My name (not my character's) is Jesse.

Okay, well, here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Name: Apolina (Pauline in Bohemian/Czech)

Age: 20

Appearance: Dark brown hair, greyish-blue eyes, olive complection, small face, pointed chin, almond-shaped eyes, colourful clothing from native land.

Location (general): Paris ( For schooling)

Strengths: Strong reader, visual learner, artist (painter), musician (violin), hard working student, design, good with helping others' finances.

Weaknesses: too much loyalty given to people, slight cases of depression, spending too much time at the theatre...

Social Class: Lower Middle class (Through family relations, in Paris, her Uncle)

Backstory: Apolina was born 1879, to a librarian and tailor in Prague, Bohemia. At the age of seven, her family immigrated to France through her Uncle, who currently lived in Paris. Their first place of residence was with her uncle at his apartments, but due to size and complaints from the landlady, her father and mother had to search for a home of their own. Her uncle found them a small, but reasonable plot in northeastern Normandy. Apolina lived with her parents and was schooled by her mother for three more years before she moved in with her uncle for a chance at a better and furthering her education. Her uncle is a rather successful art critic who taught her everything he could, between her schooling and his work and social events. By the age of seventeen, Apolina was ready to apply for a local college that talyored to the arts. Whilst at school, as can be imagined she was introduced to the next generation of Aesthetes, she had already been familiar with the first through her Uncle's connections. Though she is not of a wealthy or aristocratic background as her friends, Apolina feels greatful that she has pushed herself beyond any specific class, which she can now claim to any of them. Dressing in her native clothing, she is seen as an 'original' boho, something that her pent-up friends of aristocracy admire deeply, always asking advice on clothing, and designing clothing for their crowd. The last one of which she can claim thankfulness that her father was a tailor. Apolina has those who she admires, especially the artist Rossetti and the others of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, and many poets and playwrights which seem to pass around Paris like bees at a beehive of decadent honey.

Other: The reason for Apolina and her families' immigration to France was due to current government rule. Under the government of the Austrian prime minister Alexander Bach a rigid, reactionary order was introduced. Many people moved from their homeland for reasons of personal freedom, and better living conditions. While most of these people went for Canada and America, through her successful uncle, her family was able to stay in Europe.


Well, I hope you enjoy, and that Apolina will get a chance to join the party. If there's anything you don't like, or I need to check with please send a message. Thank you.
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Have You Ever Wondered

Oscar Wilde and Catullus both asked me out, whom would I choose?
If you have, then ,lj comm = "lovelybutdead_m"/b> is for you.

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Periodically, the mod will post pictures and brief information about two lovely but dead historical men. It is up to you to vote between the two - who is sexier?

These men can be artists, writers, actors, great leaders, dictators, villains, scientists, inventors, poets, interior decorators, journalists, or illegitimate sons of princes.

But remember..</i>
Sexy is not only about looks. It is about personality, about genius, about works, about passion, about fascination.

After the contestants are posted, please comment, bolding your choice. Any comments you have are more than welcome, just not in bold.

As more and more contestants are eliminated, we shall count down to see....

Who is the Sexiest Man in history?

If you do not care for the male persuasion, perhaps you would enjoy our sister community, lovelybutdead_f, Lovely But Dead Females.

To kick things off, it seems rather quiet around here which seems a pity. Fictional frolics ahead.

Edith has moved to Paris because she has decided to become a Bohemian. Whether or not she is particularly successful at this is open to debate, but she is trying her best and has bought a guidebook on the subject. Currently she is hanging around the local cafe trying to spot artists to become the dazzling muse of. Hopefully her wispy mousy hair and equally mousy face won't put any of them off. To help matters along she is keeping very quiet about mummy and daddy back in Chichester, and the ever so useful money they are kindly sending her.

When she first came to Paris she was shocked at the dirty postcards grubby little boys would constantly try to sell her, but that has worn off; and now her main worry is lice. She swears that there is something unpleasant hiding in the mattress, but is putting up with it because she wants to be a proper bohemian. The un-regularness of the meals also worries her, but she wouldn't dare tell a soul this. So far she has only met one real artist's model, and secretly she found her rather common. Nevertheless she is still on the lookout for her artist.

Feeling terribly daring she has stopped wearing gloves outside. Dispensing with the hats would be a step too far in the direction of savagery she feels however, a naughty thrill at the thought of going outside with bare hands is more than enough. There is a woman named Georgette who is often to be found in the hotel lounge elegantly draped on one of the better placed armchairs. Her circle look terribly exciting but Edith Thomas knows that if she was ever invited to one of their gatherings the anxiety about what to wear would kill her.
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i think we should try n rekindle the embers of this community. when i joined i didnt realise exactly how it worked but seriously we should have another go at making it active. also im doing a promo for a kick ass community so:

Hey! This is PROMO for a community for bisexuals. Check it out. It's application only for a few reasons, mainly because we have rules, and want to keep out community CHECK IT OUT...<3 Linzi
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